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I’m Dani!

I’m the badass manifesting unicorn, spiritual guide and life coach whose mission is to lead, push, and propel you past your fears and doubts toward your best life.

I’m here to help people get their shit together, manifest what they want, and be happy! Through my intuitive coaching, I help YOU discover who you are, transform your life, and manifest your wildest dreams. Seriously.

Let’s Work

We can work together directly, via 1-on-1 coaching, intuitive readings, or energy healing & alchemy sessions that deliver the answers you need now. You can take my manifesting courses, and learn how to manifest anything you want with ease. And I mean anything. Supplement all of it with the Manifest It, Sis! Podcast and get your life!


Manifest it, Sis!

The Manifest it, Sis! Podcast is an empowering, safe space for women of color’s ideal lives to unfold. Discover how you can redesign your lifestyle, reach the goals you set each year, and create a self-care plan you actually stick with. Whether you want to manifest love, wealth, or a career you love, you’ll be able to transform your life using practical tips mixed with spirituality, quantum physics, and universal laws (such as the law of attraction) to bring your desires into reality.


  • Charmaine Griffin

    Charmaine Griffin

    As my coach, Dani has helped me transform my mindset from fearful, negative and defeated to a growth mindset that has tremendously impacted my business and personal life. I’m now using my voice to get what I want in life, I manifested my first 4-figure month in business, my first international sale, I started a second business, and I’ve completely shifted my daily routine. I’m less anxious, less stressed and overall more resilient and in flow. In two months, I tripled my business earnings and I made four figures from my second business…Working with Dani was by far the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.
  • Tiffani Greenaway

    Tiffani Greenaway

    Danielle’s unique brand of coaching is a positive kick in the butt. Her enthusiasm and genuine spirit guided me in a direction that allowed me to take charge of my life.
  • Jennae Petersen

    Jennae Petersen

    I participated in Danielle’s manifesting workshop really early in my manifesting journey, and I truly credit her with helping me break down SO many barriers to truly believing I can have the life I want. Her guidance helped me clear blocks I’d spent years struggling with, and that helped my husband and I manifest our first home! I use the techniques she taught me daily to help create the life I desire, and I will forever recommend her to everyone I know.
  • Brittany Minor

    Brittany Minor

    I’ve always been the strong one in my circle. But after realizing I needed more clarity, direction, and accountability, I reached out to Dani. She snatched my edges after the first chat. I left feeling as if I were poured into. Dani has a way of being comforting and supportive while also helping you recognize the power that you have within.
  • Stephanie Richmond

    Stephanie Richmond

    Danielle is a natural as a coach. Her sincere and enthusiastic interest in my agenda and helping me reach my goals was reassuring. She kept things in my life on track and moving forward and I will never forget what I have learned with her guidance. Thanks Danielle!



Let’s work together to redesign a happier, healthier life — on purpose — and work toward inner healing so you can quickly and confidently manifest your biggest desires!

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